Ladies and gentlemen, established in 2003 and over 20 years of construction and development, Phuong Dong Group constantly strives to build technological innovation, training and fostering technical staff at prestigious universities for the purpose of researching and producing quality products. We hope that our products will bring the highest efficiency to agricultural production. With an area of 3.8ha and advanced modern production lines, the staff with more than 100 employees including 2 masters and 18 engineers specializing in plant and crop protection and 4 subsidiary companies:
1. Phuong Dong Agricultural Materials Co.,Ltd
2. TaKa Vietnam Trading and Production Co.,Ltd
3. Hung Yen Green Technology Co.,Ltd
Lines of main business
Import, manufacturing and trading pesticides including Bio and Chemical products;
Import, manufacturing and trading fertilizers including Based and forliar fertilizers; Bio-technology and organic products;
Development new agro-products….. focus on attaching importance to the registration of agro- products including (pesticide and fertilizer)
Phuong Dong Group has a customer system including 38 distributors and more than 600 large agents in the Vietnamese market.
The annual revenue of the Group is more than 16 million USD with over 80% of revenue from pesticides and fertilizers
In 2018, we imported a number of modern machines and equipment applied to production to produce more quality products, in 2019, diversifying products and goods, improving the quality of sales services, enhancing and doing good transportation services. We have a human resource training policy in accordance with the need for development of the company; well implementing reasonable decentralization to create initiative in production and business for subordinate units. In the second quarter of 2019, we will directly assign tasks to two branches under business self-accounting, towards the beginning of 2020, 100% of branches under business self-accounting; gradually creating the best working environment for employees to strive and develop the company.
This is also the goal throughout, the direction of each officer and employee of Phuong Dong.

Agriculture is considered a traditional economic sector in Vietnam and tends to be strongly invested. Faced with this demand, Phuong Dong Group has constantly developed to become a leading enterprise providing products and supplies for high-quality agriculture – environmentally friendly.
At the same time, it aims to provide Vietnamese products to neighboring countries and regions, contribute to a variety of business methods and exchange of goods. Contribute to the construction of a country with traditional agriculture. Make the country become a world leader in agricultural production.


We always strive to become a reputable enterprise providing agricultural materials products that meet the criteria: “High quality, effective for plants, safe for users, environmentally friendly”.
Select and update new technical advances suitable for Vietnamese agriculture. Provide foreign products with reasonable price and stable quality to improve crop efficiency.
We provide the following special services:
– Support customers with farming techniques to achieve high yields.
– Maximize profits for shareholders through core business and diversify fields.
– Provide a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.


A green world is always derived from small seeds and small seeds that want to grow need a nutritious environment, a clean green environment and standard techniques. Originating from this thought, Phuong Dong is constantly striving to produce good and environmentally friendly products together towards a green agriculture.

Head Office: No. 2 Tan Quang Street – Nhu Quynh Town – Van Lam – Hung Yen
Email: Chicv.phuongdong@gmail.com
Phone: 0965.74.1102 – Mr. Chi
Sales Department: 0978987108